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NatWest just launched two partnerships to help its business customers become more eco-friendly, while saving money.  

NatWest’s new partnerships allow it to offer free perks to customers while furthering its own climate-related goals.

UK bank NatWest wants to stand out by helping its corporate clients reduce costs by becoming more sustainable.  

It just debuted new partnerships with tech firms Perse and Absolar to offer free, personalized recommendations on cutting energy usage and exploring solar power, respectively.  

“We look forward to giving businesses the tools they need, both to save money and to decarbonize their operations,” the head of business banking at NatWest, James Holian, said. Offering these services also helps NatWest make progress on its own mission to tackle climate change.  

As sustainability becomes a bigger priority for both consumers and businesses, FinServs have launched a handful of tech-driven tools in the past year, including personal carbon footprint tracking and a carbon credit transaction network.