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A platform for estate planning just raised money from Amex, Northwestern Mutual, and USAA.  

Writing your will isn’t typically an easy, cheap, or uplifting exercise, which could be why more than two-thirds of Americans have no estate plan. A handful of big FinServs are strategically funding a startup that wants to change that by making estate planning a more accessible aspect of financial management.

With the “great wealth transfer” upon us, there’s an increased need for simple, affordable estate planning.  

Accordingly, startup Trust & Will has wooed a whole host of financial services firms in its latest funding round. All told, the startup has raised $48 million from investors including Amex Ventures, Fifth Third Capital Holdings, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, AARP, UBS Next, and USAA. 

“Estate planning is an essential pillar of sound consumer financial wellness,” according to Amex Venture’s Margaret Lim. “Yet today, the process is complex, antiquated, and expensive.” 

That’s where Trust & Will comes in: It provides an easy and fast way to build and settle estate plans online.  

In addition to connecting with people directly, the firm has partnered with a handful of banks and credit unions to offer its services to their customers and Lim told TechCrunch that Amex is exploring ways to deepen its relationship with Trust & Will beyond its funding.