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The former CIO of NYSE just launched a financial “super app” called Fierce that combines banking, investing, and education with an APY rate “like no other.”  

As Millennials and GenZ report feeling particularly anxious about their finances, Fierce wants to win over converts by being laser-focused on helping customers build wealth through features like fractional-share investing, securities lending, education, and an APY of up to 4.25% for checking accounts.

Rob Cornish believes he’s built the “feel-good finance app” of the future.  

The former CIO of NYSE and CTO at digital asset exchange Gemini, Cornish just launched Fierce with $10 million in funding to bring together previously disparate services into one platform.  

No other players – whether legacy banks or digital upstarts – combine all these services in a single consumer-friendly app, Cornish says. 

“There was still a gap in the market where people needed a company that could provide the best aspects of traditional and digital finance, where the customer doesn’t have to make compromises on what’s important to them. That’s really where the foundation of Fierce began,” Cornish told Distilled.  

He considers Fierce a “super app” because it brings the best individual products together: “In the last five years, there’s been a wealth of new infrastructure fintech solutions that have come out,” he said. “We look at this as an ideal time to partner with those and bring them together into one solution.”  

Beyond Fierce’s trading products and educational resources, the firm also has 24/7 live customer support.