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Wells Fargo just launched a comprehensive banking portal for business clients that emphasizes personalization, automation, and analysis.  

Wells Fargo is providing a platform for its customers to build their own ideal digital banking experiences and hopes to set itself apart from competitors through customization, forecasting, and self-service tools.

Wells Fargo just unveiled Vantage, its new digital banking platform for business clients of all sizes. The portal uses artificial intelligence to provide recommendations and specific tools to each client, based on a firm’s scale and a given user’s position within the company.

Vantage will drive “an increasingly insightful experience” the more it’s used and includes features like forecasting and the ability to complete complex transactions.

“Wells Fargo builds closer relationships with its customers because it takes each business’s unique factors into consideration,” Wells Fargo head of digital, Reetika Grewal, told Insights Distilled. “By allowing customers to create an experience that works for them, it allows them to focus on the pieces of the platform they need and not sift through pages and menus that have no relevance to their business.” 

Vantage replaces a previous portal that launched over two decades ago and has had more than $1 trillion in payments volume per month. It differentiates itself from competitors’ business banking tools by offering a one-stop shop for clients ranging from Series A startups to global institutions.