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JPMorgan backs AI-powered wealth management studio, TIFIN.  

JPMorgan’s partnership with TIFIN gives it a front row seat to artificial intelligence innovation. 

JPMorgan invested in TIFIN, a wealth management technology studio that plans to spin up firms focused on injecting artificial intelligence into areas like alternative investing, insurance, and advisor insights.  

JPMorgan’s partnership with TIFIN essentially allows it to have easier access to the nimbleness of AI startups, without dedicating substantial in-house resources to nascent ideas. It will co-develop technology with TIFIN and also participated in the company’s previous funding rounds..  

TIFIN has previously created five companies, including 55ip, an automated tax tech firm which JPMorgan Asset Management acquired in December 2020. In addition to JPMorgan, Franklin Templeton and Morningstar also strategically partner with TIFIN.  

Wealth management offers particularly fertile ground for potential AI disruption and by working with external partners, big FinServs can experiment more quickly and with less risk than through internal initiatives.