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Deutsche Bank is doubling down on software that automates document checking for its trade finance business.  

Trade finance has traditionally been a highly manual, paper-based process with multiple checkpoints – making it ripe for digitization, automated classification, data extraction, and machine-learning powered accuracy checks.  

Deutsche Bank just announced that it’s further integrating with Traydstream, a platform that digitizes and extracts data from trade finance documents to automatically check for errors and validate them against global trade and compliance rules.  

Deutsche Bank first started working with Traydstream in 2021 and the deepened partnership is “a further endorsement for automated document checks as a key enabler for the digitization of documentary trade products,” according to Deutsche Bank trade finance lead Claudia Hussy.  

Traydstream says it can slash document checking time from hours to minutes, leading to a potential cost reduction of ~60% over human processing.