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Artificial intelligence budgets are surging – and MLOps tools are particularly in demand. 

59% of leaders reported an increase in their data and AI budgets in the past year, and, unsurprisingly, generative AI has become a key topi in every boardroom. 

The highest AI-related priority for respondents was investing in machine learning operations (MLOps) and modern data stack tools. Consolidating, aggregating, and organizing data – and ensuring strong governance – is crucial for unlocking AI use cases.  

“We are in the midst of a Cambrian explosion with AI,” according to Insight Partners’ managing director Nikhil Sachdev. GenAI, in particular, has become a hot topic in board rooms, he added.  

“Companies are eager to understand both the tremendous opportunities to improve products and drive efficiencies,” he said, “And the existential threats and security concerns.”