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API-first development is revolutionizing software, and digitally mature survey respondents are ready to start utilizing APIs at scale, with 43% naming it a top priority this year.  

Engineers at API-first companies are happier and more productive – and generative AI will speed up the development process even more. 

API-first development is the future, according to the State of Enterprise Tech survey.  

Enterprises are relying on APIs to connect internal tools, and they’re starting to replace traditional information sharing methods like file transfers, database sharing, and email. 

“All services and AI models are becoming accessible through APIs, marking a transition towards an API-first economy,” according to the report. “And with generative AI’s ability to auto-generate APIs or software development kits, the adoption and value creation of generative AI – and the democratization of technology – can be unlocked at a much faster pace.” 

Meanwhile, a survey from Insight Partners’ portfolio company Postman found that developers at API-first companies are happier, ship code faster, eliminate threats sooner, and build better software.  

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